Welcome to Airy. We at airy are dedicated to providing a detailed air quality survey and solutions to safeguard your family & business from the negative effects of bad indoor air quality.

Major indoor air pollutants

So, what's in the air we breathe?

PM 2.5

PM 10

Dust, mould, allergens & pet dander

VOC's (Volatile organic compounds)


Carbon Dioxide

Effects of bad or low quality air

The following is a result of mild exposure


Heart rate

Eyes, nose, throat irritation

Lack of concentration

Headache & Dizziness

Shortness of breath

The following is a result of prolonged exposure

Respiratory Diseases like Asthma, COPD, Emphysema Bronchitis

Cardiovascular disease & heart attack

Lung Cancer

Brain Disorder


Is the air in your home, harming your family?

How is the air quality in your home?

We take every precaution to protect ourselves from pollution in the city, so, why not in our homes? According to statistics, 80% of homes have unhealthy air. It's time to move on to healthy living and make the change today.

Is your family safe from
bad indoor air?

Women today take on multiple roles. Whether it be looking after their homes or working to make ends meet, it is definitely not an easy feat. Statistics say that women and children are most susceptible to be affected by poor air quality. Its time to protect your families, by working towards clean air in your homes.

How often do you change your AC filters?

While air conditioners definitely make our lives more comfortable, we do not realise the deterioration of air quality it creates. 50% of people do not change their air conditioner filters as recommended leading to dangerous amounts of polluted air!


Is bad indoor air quality slowing down your business?

Bad indoor air quality at work equals more sick leaves.

Major corporates depend on their employees, for an increase in production and do everything they can to make sure their employees are satisfied. Sadly, 50% of illnesses are either caused or aggravated due to poor indoor air quality. This indirectly leads to an increase in sick leave.

Have you heard of
sick building syndrome?

Sick building syndrome is one of the leading health issues of corporates today. The toxins in indoor air, can severely impact health, thus leading to a reduction in production with sick leaves, which in turn would lead to a major economic impact for the corporate.

Good air quality means
better business.

The benefits of good indoor air quality are countless. According to statistics, with clean IAQ, employees have shown a 5-6% increase in productivity. Not only is this profitable for the company, it is also minimizes the risk of health issues for the employees.

The Airy Indoor Air Survey

Introducing you to the Survey by Airy.


We provide our services to both homes and office spaces. Whether it's for the well being of your family or employees, we ensure excellent service and expert solutions, catered to your needs.


Post our sample collection, we will provide you with a detailed report on the quality and composition of your indoor air. Once you receive this, you will be able to understand the problem areas and the next step forward.


How does Airy work? We test and collect data on 6 major indoor air pollutants and comfort factors like temperature and humidity, thus ensuring maximum health benefits and prolonged comfort.


Our team will provide you with expert consultation, keeping in mind your needs and well being. We will ensure a planned solution which will be a stepping stone for clean indoor air quality.

Protect your family & business today.

The Airy Indoor Survey is a stepping stone towards
a better quality of life and a healthy future. Make the right choice now.

Promotional Offer :
Home survey now @ ₹3000 ₹999*
Office survey now @ ₹5000 ₹1999*

*Valid for a limited period only.


The survey cost depends on the size of area to be monitored and number of sample points. Please contact for further details.

The time taken to conduct the survey depends on the area to be monitored and number of sample of points.

A company representative will visit your location to be monitored on the given date and time. He will set up our data collection and sampling equipment. The equipment will be run for the duration of the survey.

You will receive your indoor air quality report within 3 working days from the time of the survey.

We only provide expert service on indoor air monitoring, data collection and reporting. All products that are a part of our solutions, are provided by third party companies not affiliated with us.


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